The Asscher cut ring is named after the Asscher brothers who, in 1902, first created an Asscher cut diamond. The Asscher stone shape is unique; it is square with four deeply cropped corners that give it an almost octagonal look. Unlike a true octagon, the deep corners can be hidden once the diamond sits in its four-prong mount. The diamond features wide step facets and a large crown, and diamond experts have described the Asscher as an endless hallway of reflective mirrors.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings
It is difficult to find a truly unique diamond engagement ring, but the vintage Asscher cut offers vintage charm and infinite sparkle. Because of its unusual shape, it can complement a vintage setting, or be mounted in a modern setting for a contemporary twist on a twentieth century cut. The Asscher cut ring has gained popularity in recent years, with many brides-to-be looking for a diamond that is a little different to the mainstream.

Pavé Setting for the Asscher Cut Ring
Whilst an Asscher cut diamond can be set, by itself, it is becoming popular to mount this beautiful diamond within a pavé setting. The pavé setting surrounds the Asscher diamond, complementing its beauty. Some feel that the pavé setting makes the Asscher cut diamond look bigger.

Quality of Asscher Engagement Rings
Because of the nature of the Asscher cut, the quality of the diamond chosen is very important. With an Asscher cut, compositions, including flaws within the stone, are more visible with the naked eye. The colour of the diamond is a personal choice, but it is important to be aware that the colour will be more prominent at the stone’s full corners. Many people choose to go for a higher clarity grade with an Asscher cut diamond ring than might be necessary for a different cut.

Abrahams Diamonds
Based in Hatton Garden, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding Asscher cut engagement rings and can help with decisions from selecting loose diamonds to ring types and stone settings. We provide exceptional personal service.

If you have your heart set on the sparkle and individuality of an Asscher engagement ring, we can assist with the design process to ensure you leave with an engagement ring that you will love forever.

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