We specialize in designing top-quality diamond jewellery for an unforgettable moment in your life when you are ready to take things to the next level with your beloved. From our experiences so far with clients, we have discovered some things they tend not to understand when it comes to choosing a perfect engagement ring. If these tips are observed, getting the best engagement ring for your partner will be more than easy to achieve.

Know Her Ring Size!
We have to stress this tip because irrespective of how beautiful engagement rings can look like if they do not fit perfectly on the finger of the intended wearer, they are no more perfect. Confirm your beloved ring size before checking out the best diamond rings to propose with.

Understand The 4Cs of Diamonds
Diamonds are rated using the GIA 4Cs criteria ― colour, carat, cut and clarity. Colour is usually dependent on the carat and alloy metal in certain cases. Carat is the measure of pure diamond used and this usually determines the weight. Clarity signifies the diamond purity. Lastly, the cut which determines diamond rings beauty.

Presume Diamond Shape and Setting She will Like
Check her present ring design to guess the type of diamond engagement ring shape and settings that she will like. One of the favourites of women is the asscher cut engagement rings. In case you are confused, this will help and there is a high chance she will prefer it.

Set A Budget
No amount is too much or too low to spend on engagement rings, the decision is yours to make. Just do not forget to get her something nice since the ring will be worn for the rest of her life. Our jewellers will present you the best diamond rings that fit your budget.

At Abrahams Diamonds, we offer you unique and stunning engagement rings which are rare these days. Our diamond rings such as asscher cut engagement rings are well-cut to appear charming to an extent your beloved will be unable to take their eyes off it.

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