The elegance and beauty of the cut have made the Asscher a favourite among celebrities and anyone who appreciates a diamond shape that harkens back to Art Deco luxury. A-lister celebrities who wear or have worn Asscher cut engagement rings are Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Vanessa Bryant.

Selecting an Asscher cut diamond allows the wearer to accessorise the ring with design elements which might look odd if added near a diversely shaped stone. With a beautiful stone as timeless as theAsscher-cut, play up the spark by combining a few bold elements to your lovely Asscher cut engagement ring. Once you have the loose Asscher diamond:

  1. Add a halo of stones.

While an Asscher-cut diamond may stand from the rest brilliantly, a halo of diamonds surrounding the stone produces a spectacular sparkle. The extraordinary beauty of the cut becomes even more articulated when paired with a halo of brilliant round stones.

  1. Select white gold or platinum.

A setting makes all the variance in how a stone shines. The mirror-like quality of platinum and white gold gives a reflective background for the stone, setting off the Asscher’s distinct facets and depth.

  1. Side stones.

Use side stones featuring diamond shapes like a princess or the triangular trillion shape. Cuts which are triangular or square nudge against the Asscher and offer a flattering contrast, combining sparkle and interest to the ring.

  1. Go for colour.

Like the LBD, the Asscher’s versatility cuts a fantastic choice to play with bolder choices in a ring-like colourful side stone or a gemstone halo. Adding trillion coloured gemstones against an Asscher highlights the beauty as well as the details of the diamond. Emeralds or sapphires or encircling an Asscher cut diamond turn the stone into a work of pure art.

  1. Dozens Of diamond details.

Add rows of pave diamonds or channel set diamonds on the band to surround the Asscher. There can be no such thing as more than enough stones around an Asscher. In this case the more, the merrier. More diamonds add extra life and light.

  1. Art Deco designs.

A setting which features the Art Deco engraved design perfectly regulates the Asscher’s high society history. Engravings within the engagement band help the smooth design of the stone taking centre stage, and an embedded band also helps add simplistic sparkle to your ring.

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