Shopping for the perfect engagement ring for women has become harder over the years. The fact is that there are more than a hundred options ranging from traditional vintage styles to contemporary classics available and choosing one has become really confusing. Given the typical pressure to buy the perfect diamond ring, venturing into the market blindly could literally result in a disaster.

If you are thinking of taking your relationship to the next level, you don’t have to rely on guesswork to buy engagement ring sets. A little planning will go a long way to help you carry through the process with confidence. That said here are a few steps that can save you the headache.

1. Have a budget

First and foremost, you can only shop among things you can afford. Secondly, the amount you are willing to part with determines the quality you get. Of course, a diamond ring for engagement signifies investing in a relationship but it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune and struggle with your finances. With a budget, you can keep to your comfort zone and still get the best value at your price.

2. Research her style

The best way to make the perfect pick is to know the taste and preferences of your partner. Even before reaching out to a jeweller of your choice based in Hatton garden, you should have adequate information. Think about the setting, gemstone, shapes among other ring attributes that your partner loves. A good answer to this is observing the jewellery she wears regularly. However, if you aren’t sure of what to pick, a round solitaire ring or an asscher cut engagement ring is amongst the safe choices to make.

3. Know her size

You may get everything else right but if it doesn’t fit, you’ll have gotten it all wrong. To get it all perfect, you are better off finding out her finger size. For instance, you can measure her ordinary rings discreetly (keeping the surprise factor in mind) before heading out to the jeweller. That way you won’t end up in an awkward situation of proposing with a loose ring.

4. Find a reliable jeweller

Armed with information find a reliable jewellery shop from where you can explore your options. You can even consider buying the engagement ring online, since it is even more convenient perhaps also more affordable. With the sellers input you can even consider customizing to add that unique edge. If you stay around Hatton garden, reputed jeweller like Abrahams Diamonds can be your partner in finding the perfect engagement ring.

5. Make it a surprise

Although you don’t have to make everything a secret a little surprise factor will make the experience a little better.  It’s that simple.

All the best for your search!

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