Nothing cuts it quite like a diamond ring when it comes to the big proposal but if you are looking for something a little different to the rather ubiquitous diamond solitaire then why not consider an Asscher cut engagement ring?

What is an Asscher cut engagement ring?
What is called the Asscher Cut is a totally unique shape.  It is a rectangular-faceted pavilion similar but not identical to the square emerald cut.  The standard number of facets on an Asscher cut engagement ring is 58 similar to a modern square emerald cut but the Royal Asscher Cut which was created in 2001 has 74 facets.  The facets are usually larger with a higher crown and a smaller table which all conspire together to produce something that is altogether more brilliant than any other diamond cut.

What quality diamond do you need for an Asscher cut?
If you are looking to buy loose diamonds then it is important to be aware that the Asscher Cut takes no prisoners.  Cuts like the Round, Brilliant or Princess Cuts are brilliant cuts and can quite easily mask the colour of the rough material of the diamond.  An Asscher Cut diamond has no brilliance however, it is cut for lustre and clarity so nothing is hidden.  The table of the Asscher Cut diamond is similar to the Emerald cut; it is like a highly polished and clear window into the centre of the stone so any inclusions or tiny imperfections will be visible.  This means that if you are hoping to buy loose diamonds to have cut to this style then you need to be very particular about their quality.  Inevitably the most flawless diamonds have the largest price tags.

The Asscher Cut is not a new idea, it reached its heyday nearly a century ago during the Art Deco period and like all things from this era, has come roaring back into fashion.  If you are interested in an Asscher Cut engagement ring then talk to Abrahams Diamonds first.

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