For couples looking for beautiful diamond cuts for their jewellery, an Asscher cut may add personality and individuality to their overall style. The charming Asscher cut engagement ring design is gaining popularity as a modern alternative to more traditional choices.

The Asscher brothers of Amsterdam first created Asscher cut diamond in 1902. The Asscher stone’s unique shape – square with deeply trimmed corners resembling an octagon. It is also called the square emerald cut and is also a variety of modified cushion cut.

How It Is Created

An Asscher-cut stone is cut with a series of many parallel steps, generating a hall-of-mirrors effect when looking deeply into these stone. These steps generate more internal refraction, and diamond fire than a typical step-cut stones, like the elongated emerald cut or the luminous, which has only lightly trimmed corners. Because this diamond cut has been particularly patented, every genuine Asscher diamond has the Asscher family symbol. These marks are only noticeable under high magnification, but a jeweller should be able to show them to prospective buyers to validate the diamond’s authenticity.

Diamond Quality

Because diamond step cuts allow more depth of the diamond to be seen, precise cutting is extremely crucial for a quality Asscher diamond rings. As with emerald cuts, inclusions and flaws can be clearly seen, and it is necessary to choose a quality stone. Furthermore, colour is a necessary consideration because it may be more visible at the stone’s full corners. For all the steps to be included appropriately, Asscher cut diamonds are typically deeper than more familiar cuts.


A four-prong arrangement is the most common setting for an Asscher cut engagement ring. Step cut diamonds do not reflect as much light naturally, and the prong setting allows the diamond to be elevated and attract more light than it would in a bezel or channel or setting. The prongs should not be broad enough to obscure the stone’s distinctive corners. A popular setting is the pave setting, that coats the ring with a brilliant crust of diamonds that complement the beauty and rarity of the style. Many engagement rings for women use accent stones, particularly brilliant, princess or emerald cuts that can nestle securely against the flat sides of the centre stone. Because of the unusual diamond cut, however, a single Asscher diamond can make a stunning engagement ring without additional embellishments.

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