It can be a very exciting time going to buy loose diamonds for a special piece of jewellery but there are lots of different types and standards so it pays to take some expert advice.

Loose diamonds are classified into four different grades based around the crucial four ‘Cs’ which are:-

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

The four ‘Cs’ dictate price but shape is also a key factor even within groups of diamonds of the same grade.  Here are the different shapes of diamond:-

Round – the most popular diamond shape in the world and the one most often used for engagement rings.  This cut has 58 facets and is well known for its shine and brilliance

Marquise – this cut was inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour and is an elongated oval with tapered ends.  For dress rings and necklaces, the Marquise is a popular cut

Teardrop  – or pear-shaped, this is a fusion of the round cut and the Marquise

Heart-shaped – actually a pear-shaped diamond in reality with a cleft cut into the top or crown of the diamond to create the image of a heart.  A really popular and romantic choice for bracelets, rings and pendants

Emerald – a rectangular cut with cropped corners, this was originally a cut used for emeralds but it was borrowed by diamond cutters and subsequently became very popular

Princess – the newest cut which appeared during the 1960s, this cut is often called modified square brilliant.  The shape lends itself well to pendants and earrings but it is also used for rings

Asscher  – a cut not dissimilar to the emerald cut with 58 facets but the Royal Asscher Cut has 74 facets

It is important if you are looking to buy loose diamonds online that you take genuine and professional advice.  A good diamond merchant can advise you of the right type of stone for your jewellery plans and whether the stone you like would best suit the cut and setting you have in mind.  Contact Abrahams Diamonds for brilliant stones and advice.

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