In today’s modern world, diamonds have become a symbol of unending love and are frequently included in engagement, wedding and eternity rings. The diamond is an unmistakable gemstone, and many people aspire to own a clear diamond with unending sparkle. Despite our love of diamonds, many myths surround this precious stone. Before you buy loose diamonds online, there are a few myths you might like to see discredited.

Myth One: Diamonds are Rare
Although it might seem like diamonds are rare, in reality, they are not. The supply of diamonds is carefully regulated to provide a false idea of scarcity. Instead, diamonds are stockpiled so that the market is not flooded. Although this might mean that the cost of diamonds is higher, it also ensures that any diamond jewellery you own does not lose its value.

Myth Two: The Rule of Three Months’ Salary
A number of ‘rules’ appear to have been created suggesting that a man should spend two or three times his monthly salary on the purchase of an engagement ring for his fiancée. Unfortunately, this was a rumour propagated by a business to increase sales. In reality, you can choose a ring that suits yours, or your fiancées, taste perfectly, whilst remaining within your budget. If you choose to buy loose diamonds from Abrahams Diamonds, we can offer advice on selecting the highest quality diamond that won’t break the bank.

Myth Three: Diamonds Have Always Symbolised Unending Love
Diamonds only became fashionable in engagement rings from the 1930s onwards. Whilst we might associate diamonds with a promise of eternal love today, in years gone by, it was common for engagement rings to contain other precious stones including emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

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