Jewellery is an accessory essential for both women and men. At Abrahams Diamonds in Hatton Garden, we understand jewellery, and diamonds, better than anyone. From engagement rings to party wear, the diamond is one of the most iconic precious stones. Its beauty speaks volumes, and being able to buy loose diamonds from Abrahams Diamonds may be a perfect choice if you want to wear diamonds when you party.

Party Wear
From weddings to birthday parties, every woman wants to feel good when she steps out in her party wear. Whether you have chosen a new outfit or an old favourite with sentimental value, diamond jewellery is the perfect partner whatever your outfit, and for any occasion. Diamonds are incredibly versatile, and if you choose to buy loose diamonds, you can select the quality, including the colour and cut.

Buy Loose Diamonds Online
There is so much to love about diamonds. Their crystal clear centre, their individual colour, and your taste in the cut of the diamond all make them a unique stone that only you can own. Our website shows a selection of the diamonds we have, and from this, we hope you get a feel of the loose diamonds available. We would be delighted to welcome you to our shop to see our diamonds in person; hold them, look closely, and fall in love with them.

Buy Loose Diamonds
In Hatton Garden, we can show you our loose diamonds to help you decide on the exact colour, cut and size you require. We can show you the different types of jewellery available, and the mounts that you might like your diamond to be set in. Being able to hold a diamond is something that not everyone is lucky enough to experience.

Jewellery to Match the Occasion
If you would like to match jewellery with your party wear contact Abrahams diamonds today. Although there couldn’t be a better stone to partner with party wear, we can make suggestions regarding a new piece of jewellery depending on your chosen outfit and the event itself. If you choose to buy loose diamonds, as part of the design process you can decide on the style of jewellery that will partner well with all types of party wear, giving you a piece that you will love forever, and want to wear again and again.

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