To say the least, asscher cut diamonds rank among the most elegant and sophisticated of all diamonds cuts available. The popularity of the shape is nothing new considering the long history since the first pieces dating back to dawn of the twentieth century.

Perhaps you are wondering how asscher cut came about? Well, it dates back to 1902 and named after ‘Asscher brothers’ who are credited with coming up with the design aiming specifically engagement rings for women. But it was until in the 1920’s that shape reached the epitome of popularity, a period associated with the Art Deco style.

For starters, the Asscher cut is defined by square shape with trimmed corners. In some way it mirrors an emerald cut but shows more sparkle thanks to x-shaped facets emanating from its corners to its centre culet. The brilliance of its faceting is particularly striking with some unusual face value appeal. Perhaps this explains it remains a popular choice for women engagement rings. The highly popular shape is just but the surface, because intrinsically the Asscher diamonds display nothing but sheer elegance and style.

Beyond that, it is worth noting that there are two main primary versions of the Asscher cut.  There is the standard cut which featured 58 facets from the onset of the first ever design. Later and specifically after WWII a hybrid Royal cut bearing about 75 facets was introduced taking over with enhanced style. And it has over the years gained immense popularity in diamond rings for women.

Although the modern era has incorporated slight modifications, the brilliance and classic look of the original designs are still intact. As a matter of fact, Asscher cut engagement rings have made quite a comeback in the past decade for its very uniqueness. One reason why it continues to stand out from other designs like halo and eternity rings is that it’s compatible with various ring settings. No matter your preferred set, you can maintain the refined style and elegance.

All in all, the cut is a fantastic choice if you are looking for vintage style engagement or eternity rings.

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