Buying a diamond is an important event, and Abrahams Diamonds is the best place to buy loose diamonds. As one of the Hatton Garden jewellery shops, we are perfectly situated within London’s jewellery quarter and are also an excellent choice if you are looking to buy loose diamonds online. Before you choose your diamond, there are some ‘rules’ that are worth considering to ensure you buy a precious stone that you will love forever.

Rule One: Buy Certified Diamonds
Diamonds are certified based on their colour, carat weight, cut and clarity. The clearer, larger stones with the most sparkle are, not surprisingly, worth more than a smaller stone. If you choose to buy loose diamonds, you want to know that you are not being over-charged, and receiving an independent, objective diamond certification will give you the confidence to understand what you can expect to pay for your chosen diamond.

Rule Two: Understand The Four Cs
The four Cs refer to the colour, carat weight, cut and clarity of the diamond. Understanding the four Cs can help you make an informed decision.

Rule Three: Decide on Personal Preference
Although you might want a very large diamond, in order to stay within your budget you may end up with a large diamond that is of poorer quality than you may have liked. It may be worth considering a smaller high-quality diamond.

Rule Four: Magnification
If possible, inspect the diamond under magnification. This experience will show you parts of the diamond that are more difficult to see with the naked eye and allow you to look carefully for any imperfections.

Rule Five: Take Your Time
Choosing a diamond is a personal experience. You need to feel relaxed and confident whilst making your decision. At Abrahams Diamonds, you can browse our large selection at your leisure.

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When looking to buy loose diamonds online or in-store, look no further than Abrahams Diamonds. Our experienced staff can provide all of the information you need to ensure you find the right diamond for your taste and budget.

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